Hunting Island State Trails

Hunting Island Marsh Boardwalk

There are over eight miles of hiking/biking trails in Hunting Island State Park. The best way to see the beauty of the park is by walking or biking the entire island. Many of the trails have been made more accessible with a mixture of compacted crushed shell and sand, while some have been left in their natural state. The improved trails are compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act and they provide better accessibility for all-terrain wheel chairs.

Color-coded trail maps are available at the Nature Center, the Visitors Center, the store at the campground, and on-line here.

Trails Patrol

Friends of Hunting Island has formed a group of “Trails Patrol” volunteers to walk each trail each month to assist the park staff in keeping the trails clean and clear. These volunteers pick up trash, remove small debris from the trail, and report any large obstructions that require park staff attention. We rotate a trail or portion of a trail between volunteers, so over the course of a year we get to cover most of the trails system. If anyone would like to get a little exercise and enjoy the beauty of Hunting Island, please send an email to, and join our group.

Trail Spotlight - Nature Trail

This two-mile loop starts and ends at the Nature Center. The Nature Trail utilizes several existing trails and identifies 26 points of interest. These points of interest give a good ecological overview of the park, including identification of trees and plants, including the many types of oak and palm trees found on the island; explanation of local terms like slough; and description of what causes circular rings around some trees.

A Nature Trail brochure is available at the Nature Center and on-line here.  This brochure gives information about each of the 26 points of interest, along with a map of where they are located. Each item is marked with a numbered trail sign that corresponds to the number of the item in the brochure. To reduce cost and to save on trash, we ask that you return your brochure to the Nature Center when finished. Of course if you want to keep it for reference, you are welcome to take it with you.

We are looking for ways to improve the Nature Trail, so be sure to relay to the staff any suggestions or comments you have. You can also email us at  with your suggestions and comments.

So take a leisurely walk on the Nature Trail and learn more about this incredible island and the unique environment that exists here.  See you on the trails!

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