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August 19th, 2016
So you thought the nesting season on Hunting Iskand was done with this year?  Not so ~ nest #141 was found in zone 3, infront of the lighthouse.  It was a classic crawl and nest, but you will have to go to the south and inland to find the moved nest.  Zone 3 also had nest #97 and 107 pip.  Zone 2 invetoried two very old nest, #18 and 19.  Zone 4 had nest #85 pip, and they found one baby's tract outside of nest 105.  Zone 1 still has one nest, and no activity is expected from it for a couple of weeks.

Buddy sent these photos of nest 141, the body pit and the in and out crawls.

Body pit.

Incoming and outgoing
August 18th, 2016
There will be two loggerhead sea turtle nest inventories on Sunday, August 21st starting at 6:30 pm at Hunting Island.
First one starts at 6:30- on North beach between the parking lot A beach path and the Lighthouse. 
Second one (when the above is completed) - on South beach between the groin (on the north side) and the bath house. 

 A nest inventory is conducted 72 hours after a nest has hatched, in order to determine the success of the nest.  The nest is excavated and all contents are removed and documented.  Occasionally live hatchlings are found in the nest and released, so this is a good opportunity to possibly see live loggerhead hatchlings, although there is no guarantee. If you are a FOHI Sea Turtle Conservation Project Volunteer, please wear your orange volunteer shirt and badge, so that you can help with crowd management. This inventory is open to the public, so feel free to post to social media or share; just remember that   Read more...
August 18th, 2016
Zone 2 invetoried two nest.  In that zone nest #83 and #114 piped.  In zone 3 nest #104 and #108 hatched.  In  zone 4 nest #85 piped, and nest # 105 and # 109 each had a few tracks from...   Read more...
August 15th, 2016

I pulled out of the driveway this morning around 6:00 and was glad it wasn’t 5:30.  It’s really dark at 6 these days, and I can tell that the days are getting a little bit shorter.  As I drove along the causeway to Polowana and on to the Sea Island Parkway, I could spot that lovely pink tint in the sky that welcomes the coming dawn.  The sky looked like old fashioned marbled stained glass, and I knew it would be a beautiful day on Hunting Island Beach.


Our Monday troops are still thinning out a bit, what with vacations, school and work schedules, and other life issues, but thanks to the diligence of my peeps in keeping me informed of their plans to attend or be absent, I always feel pretty well prepared with A PLAN for Monday mornings.  Zone 1 still has only one nest to check, so I decided to take it out of the rotation and assign it to Steve and myself, since we can drive through the campground to Zone 1 after quiet time ends at 7   Read more...

August 14th, 2016
There will be a loggerhead sea turtle nest inventory on Tuesday, August 16 at 7 pm on the North beach at Hunting Island.
If you are a FOHI Sea Turtle Conservation Project Volunteer, please wear your orange volunteer
shirt,so you can help with crowd management. This inventory is open to the public,
so feel free to post to social media or share; just remember that everyone
is responsible for their own admission to the park. FOHI and guests are covered by their

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