Your donation will help keep Hunting Island State Park beautiful

Hunting Island LighthouseA Painted Bunting

We get it. You love Hunting Island as much as we do. You love the pristine beaches, the birds and other wildlife, the lush maritime forest and marshes. Perhaps you have even kayaked the lagoon. You understand how important it is to preserve this special gem of a park. But you have other commitments that take a higher priority. We understand. Volunteering to help the Friends of Hunting Island is a big commitment and not everybody can take that kind of time.

The lagoon at Hunting IslandBut you do want to help. Well you can help with a donation to the Friends of Hunting Island. All of the monies donated or raised go to improving and preserving the Park that we all love. The Friends of Hunting Island is a charitable 501(c)3 organization and the donations are tax-deductible .

In this past year we have used the monies raised to help support the Discover Carolina program that provides young students in the lowcountry an opportunity to study their local natural resources in a non-traditional environment while improving upon their academic skills. Local students are fortunate to transform Hunting Island into their own classroom.

With the funds we have raised or had donated, we also donate 1/2 the operating expenses to support the classroom the Nature Center. We have, among many other projects, Getting the word out about Hunting Islanddonated all terrain wheelchairs to give handicapped access to the Park., FOHI purchased and Hunting Island Lighthousedonated an all-terrain vehicle to the Rangers so they can better serve the various activities within Hunting Island State Park. We have, in conjunction with other organizations, built oyster beds to help protect the shore line from erosion and to promote marine fisheries and maintain the 8 mile trail system that goes throughout the park. Without your donations, this kind of support would be severely curtailed.

Friends of Hunting Island is the major financial supporter of Hunting Island State Park and we hope that you will support our efforts.

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