Species Identification - Birds

Carolina Chickadee - Poecile carolinensis

Family: Paridae


The Carolina Chickadee’s call is a higher, faster version of the Black-capped Chickadee. They are very similar visually, except the Carolina lacks the broad white edgings on the wing. This little black-capped bird of the tit family lives in deciduous forests and at feeders in suburban areas. They nest in holes in trees, sometimes using an old woodpecker nest. They forage for insects in the fall and winter often with groups of titmice, nuthatches, and warblers. These mixed flocks stay together because the chickadees call out whenever they find a good food source. This creates a cohesive group allowing efficient foraging.

Range: The Carolina Chickadee, like other chickadees, is a permanent resident and does not migrate. So they are often visible in the winter months. They range from New Jersey west to Kansas, and south to Florida and Texas.

Photos by Carl Berube

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