Species Identification - Mollusks

American Green Tree Frog - Hyla cinerea

Family: Hylidae


Ranging from bright yellowish-olive to lime green, the American Green Tree Frog is a common species and is the state amphibian of Georgia and Louisiana. They are long-legged and smooth-skinned. Some have small patches of gold or white on their skin or pale lines running from their jaws. They are up to 2.5” long. They are most active in the dark. The males are polygynous, and the females lay as many as 400 eggs which take 4-6 days to hatch. They eat insects such as flies and mosquitoes, and the most active prey seem to be their preference.

Range: Found in the central and southeastern US, there may be clinal variation on the southeast coast from Florida north. They prefer habitats with free floating vegetation such as grasses and cattails, and are found in small ponds, marshes and streams or swimming in a backyard pool.

Photos by Carl Berube

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